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8 Cheap and Cute Spring Date Ideas That Will Make You So Damn Happy Winter Is OVER

by Lifestyle3

Let’s just hope your Tinder match is worth coming out of hibernation for, too.

Сontrary to what some may think, the best time to get serious with someone is in the spring. The flowers are blooming, people are coming out of their grumpy, stuffy, blanket-heavy winter caves, and there’s so much to do outside now that the weather is cooperating. (I mean, seriously, why the eff do people cuff in the winter?)

People are just generally happier in the spring, and there are so many fun date options to get you feeling all the ~feels~ with someone. Oh, and securing your new boo in the springtime ensures a super fun summer romance filled with plenty of plus-ones to rosé parties, boat outings, and lots, and lots, and lots of hot sex (like, literally hot).

Here are some fun-loving spring date options that are easy to plan, cheap, and will totally take you out of your winter funk and spring you forward (sorry).

  1. Go to a botanical garden.
    Spring time is the best time to be outside (juust make sure you’re bringing along your allergy medicine). Go on a walking date around your nearest botanical garden because not only is it cheap—or better yet, free–but because the flowers make for the perf background for a couple’s pic.
  2. Have a picnic.
    FWIW, food is the way to everyone’s heart. It’s just science. When you combine that with being outside in the cool, crisp, spring air, your relationship literally can’t help but bloom (sry again). Try out any one of these easy, portable spring recipes for when you venture outside. Oh, and obvi, don’t forget the wine.
  3. Go on a bike ride together.
    Are you noticing a theme here? Clearly, the move is to be outside. Meet your date and bike around the city you live in, making sure to hit all the spots you love and all of the ones you want to see. You’ll be putting in some active miles while helping the environment (which, yay!).
  4. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
    Want a dog, just can’t afford one in your teeny, tiny home? Visit your local dog pound or shelter to put in some community service hours with your Tinder match. (This place in South Carolina is seriously looking for volunteers to just CUDDLE PIGS, people!) TBH, I don’t know a better way to get to know someone than taking a bunch of Good Bois on walks and cleaning out their crates.
  5. Go on a pizza tour around the city.
    It doesn’t have to be pizza (tacos and ice cream are low-key clutch too), but compile a list of all the places you’ve been to and the spots you want to try, plot them in Google Maps, and create a map of where you’ll start and finish this foodie journey. Then, begin your food tour and nibble on some slices while ranking them 1 out of 10. Might I suggest the top ranking ‘za be your next date spot?
  6. Get active together.
    Whether it’s a run outside or an indoor partner workout class, boost those endorphins by sweating everything out. You’ll be an IRL version of #couplegoals and ready to take a shower together by the end of it—which, like, count me in.
  7. Go to a baseball game.
    Regardless of whether or not you like sports, baseball is like the spot to be in the spring. It’s pretty low-key and you don’t really have to be following along with what’s happening (read: there’s plenty of downtime to talk with your date). But, what’s even better about baseball games is not the men in tight pants, but the ability to gorge on hot dogs, beer, and peanuts. QQ: How many hot dogs is too many hot dogs? Answer: The limit does not exist.
  8. Sip bougie wine at a vineyard.
    Pretend like you’re fancy AF and spend a day sampling different wines you def can’t afford at a nearby vineyard with all of your closest friends + your boo. If you’re like “LOL, what vineyard?” create your own. Pop by your nearest Trader Joe’s, Costco, Target, Aldi’s, or liquor store and grab a mix of some super cheap wines (some of the bottles are as low as $5!). Then, spend the day sampling each one and discussing the smell, taste, body, mouthfeel, etc. (ugh, so bougie). Plus, can we all agree that a wine buzz is the best buzz to get on a spring date?

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